R&D Center creates innovations with endless attempts

SK magic creates a consumer household appliance innovation story based on excellent investment and outstanding research personnel.

R&D expenses increase rate


R&D staff increase rate


Household Appliance Research Center


The Household Appliance Research Center was certified by KOITA in March 1992, with the latest research facilities and excellent R&D professionals.

With research on Household Appliances and Kitchen Appliances and research on preceding technologies, we strive to provide a better living environment for our customers by innovating on the inconveniences of life.

Environmental Analysis Center


The Environmental Analysis Research Center, which has obtained the 'Drinking Water Quality Inspection Accreditation Institution' designation by the Ministry of Environment's Hangang River Basin Environmental Office, has completed a reliable and authorized evaluation.

We promise to learn prior technologies in water quality and air quality, to study product stability with our accumulated technology and advanced equipment, and continue to work for a better environment to provide our customers with reliability.

SK magic innovation began in 1986 with the introduction of gas oven range for the first time in Korea.


Korea's first 30-inch gas oven range



Korea's first 3-burner gas range


Top broiler oven range designed for Korean eating habits


Appearance of the oven grill


Opening the digital oven era


Korea's first steam oven, a standalone oven grill

2007 – 2008

Launch of multiple oven range from steam, oven, and microwave features all at once


The sensor burner with safe gas flames

A smokeless grill oven range that improved the grill's disadvantages

After launching the first JIKSOO Water Purifier in 2015 with SK magic’s unique idea, we are now creating a new standard for Water Purifier.


Launch of Korea's first JIKSOO Water Purifier



Korea's first Alarm-Cook Gas Range to notify when water boils



Appearance of Air Purifier applied with 1st-generation IoT



SK magic is a premium household appliance applied with IoT and AI that constantly strives to make the customers’ lives more comfortable and richer.


Launch of the 2nd-generation IoT Air Purifier from Korea's first super surround as well as IoT



Launch of the Super JIKSOO Water Purifier from IoT Function and Infant Water Button for Children



The beginning of the Induction for EASY COOK of any food



Oven Range even for IoT, the launch of the Smart Oven



Hybrid of Gas Range and Induction, the Gas Induction



Making cleaner with bubble cleanser, the launch of pottery bubble bidet



A standard for premium dishwasher, the touch-on dishwasher



To ensure a healthy life for our customers, SK magic always considers home appliances for a more hygienic and clean life.


The All-in-One JIKSOO Water Purifier & Direct Ice Water Purifier, making it cleaner with the first stainless steel tubing



Appearance of Premium Gas Range



Launch of Motion Air Purifier that recognizes movements



Start of a new concept induction hybrid that automatically detects containers



Appearance of a cleaner Direct Water Purifier, not only as the first direct water in Korea but also for cork UV sterilization



Launch of upgraded pottery bubble bidet



SK magic is creating a new era of consumer household appliance paradigm with extraordinary thoughts and endless R&D.


The start of dish management beyond as a dishwasher, Triple Care Dishwasher



Opening the era of self-managing water purifier, Self JIKSOO Water Purifier



The start of a new clean lifestyle, All clean Air Purifier