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Task Interview

the interview of the employees working at SK magic.
R&D - S/W Development

Eun-hye Cho Manager

Quality/Production Management - Quality Certification

Eun-han Choi Manager

Management Support - Planning

Eunji Jang Manager

Sales/Marketing - Marketing Strategy

Eun-mi Yeo Manager

IT - Information Protection

Jin-young Kim Manager

Design - Product Design

Dong-wook Yoon Manager

R&D - S/W Development

Eun-hye Cho Manager

Quality/Production Management - Quality Certification

Eun-han Choi Manager

Management Support - Planning

Eunji Jang Manager

Sales/Marketing - Marketing Strategy

Eun-mi Yeo Manager

IT - Information Protection

Jin-young Kim Manager

Design - Product Design

Dong-wook Yoon Manager

Task Overview

Check out the tasks of various positions in SK magic.

Equipment Design

Responsible for product instrument design, development of prior technology, quality improvement and cost reduction, and certification of domestic and international standards.

S/W Development

Responsible for product S/W development, home appliance interface S/W development (IoT, PUI), Embedded S/W development, WiFi Drive and Application S/W development.

Refrigeration Design​

Responsible for refrigeration design and performance development of products, domestic and international standard certification, and prior research.

Circuit/PCB Design

Responsible for circuit and PCB design, controller verification and improvement, PCBA cost reduction and quality improvement, circuit new parts development, and control prior technology investigation and review.

Electronic Design

Responsible for product electronic design, preparation and verification of functional development maps, quality improvement and cost reduction, domestic and international standard certification, and reliability testing.

Power Electronics

Responsible for development of BLDC motor inverter control S/W, development of BLDC motor inverter H/W, development of power electronic control S/W, development of power electronic circuits.

Quality Planning

Responsible for planning quality indicators, aggregating free service handling cases by product, analyzing performance compared to plan, finding ways to reduce them, and regular quality reporting.

Quality Certification

Responsible for proceeding and approving conformity of product development stages, conducting compliance tests for mass-produced products, evaluating/maintenance of quality, and certifying PLP conformity.


Responsible for securing reliability by conducting a second part certification test for functional components and for securing reliability of components by analyzing the defect factors of core components.

Production Planning

Responsible for managing various production-related indicators and for planning and managing production plans so that efficient production can be carried out

Product Technology

Responsible for developing new product projects, follow-up development, mass production follow-up, stabilizing initial quality, complying with Q(Quality), C(Cost), D(Deadline) to meet new model development goals, and improving product/part quality and cost.

Manufacturing Technology

Responsible for production efficiency, automation, space optimization (utilization of the most efficient space through relocation of production lines), and reestablishing standard time.


Responsible for organization and operation of the Industrial Safety Management Organization and the Industrial Safety and Health Committee, establishment and execution of safety accident prevention plans at workplaces, and implementation of industrial safety and health education

IT Planning

Responsible for IT project planning, infrastructure deployment operations, data collection and management, and IT trend analysis.

IT Operation

Maintains and operates systems such as ERP, rental, groupware, mobile, global, BI.

Information Protection

Responsible for establishing and establishing a security governance framework, monitoring, and building a security infrastructure.

Product Planning

Responsible for developing differentiated strategies and product roadmaps then managing product portfolios by analyzing market, consumer, competitor, and advanced technologies

Marketing Strategy

Responsible for establishing mid- and long-term marketing strategies and deriving key issue solutions, investigating and monitoring competitors’ strategies, operating membership schemes, expanding and operating affiliated channels.

Sales Planning

Responsible for planning and implementing sales plans, managing sales status and indicators, planning and operating MC(Magic Care) fees and evaluation systems, and establishing and operating rental sales organizations and people management systems

Online Planning

Responsible for proposing customized products by deriving online customer analysis and insights, and selling products at open markets/commercial malls/social commerce.

Corporate Sales

Responsible for corporate market analysis and strategy establishment, corporate product planning, and sales of rental and home appliances to group affiliates/public institutions/corporate companies.

Overseas Sales

Responsible for establishment of overseas sales policies/strategies/business plans, coordination, development of new overseas business partners, product line-up strategies for exports, OEM/ODM sourcing, fulfillment of existing export contracts.

Product Design

Responsible for designing market-leading products, applying design identity and maintaining and developing them.

Graphic Design

Responsible for integrating and operating output graphic design and product GUI design.

CMF Design

Responsible for strengthening the CMF identity, development of CMF and cost improvement, standardization of color and suggestion of a preceding CMF.


Establishes management strategies by managing and analyzing the performance of each project, and supports major decision-making.


Manages the company’s overall accounting information and helps maximize its performance in the areas of funds, taxes, finances, and IR.


Responsible for supplying goods needed in performing business in an optimal condition.


Responsible for contract and legal advice, litigation and dispute management, fair trade management, and board management


Responsible for establishing and implementing promotional strategies based on the company’s management strategy.


Responsible for planning and operating personnel policies such as recruitment, evaluation, and benefits.
Responsible of enhancing the competence of members.

General Affairs

Responsible for office environment management, real estate/asset management, maintenance and repair, vehicle and communication management, and general affairs.